Adapt an Open Textbook

Integral to the growth and sustainability of open educational resources is educators’ willingness to adapt existing open educational resources, in this case, open textbooks. Adaptation is often propelled by the need to:

  • customize content for specific learners;
  • maintain the currency of the information;
  • correct any perceived inaccuracies;
  • include links to supplementary, multimedia material.

Feel free to adapt any open textbook in the shared repository among BCcampus, OpenEd Manitoba, eCampusOntario or any other open textbook collection profiled here.

Recommended Resources

BCcampus began to create a guide on adaptation as part of its open textbook project. View the progress and maybe even contribute to the Adaptation Guide here.

Queen’s University has curated a helpful guide on building an open textbook. Step 3 addresses why you might choose to adapt; lists handy conversion tools; and prompts for other considerations. Access Step 3 here.

Pressbooks, being a common platform for open textbooks, has created its own support material. Its Guide to Using Pressbooks assists both novice and intermediate users. Its complementary Knowledge Base allows all levels of users to mine for specific articles and tips.

Connect with eCampusOntario

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