No matter where learners live in the province, country, or world, they are invited to use textbooks from eCampusOntario’s open textbook collection any way they choose. They may supplement learners’ coursework or support independent interest in the topic. If, in courses, open textbooks are required resources, here learners will find some tips on optimizing their access and use.

Cartoon doodle of an open textbook with users jumping out of it to use the information in a number of different ways.User Tips

  • If the open text is embedded in the learning management system or course site in one format, learners are free to browse eCampusOntario’s collection for alternate formats of the same textbook to better suit preferences.
  • Although bound, print copies are an option for most open texts, it is a print on demand service. In other words, these open textbooks will not be sitting on institutions’ book store shelves. Learners: order a low cost, print copy of the open text as soon as possible to avoid starting course(s) without the appropriate resources.
  • Learners are free to print the text, or portions of it, using their own printer or printing in a Library or office supply store. The “Buy a Print Copy” is for those wanting an actual, bound textbook produced.
  • Institutions’ Libraries may have a print copy or multiple copies in its collection – either on reserve or in circulation.
  • Pay close attention to printing options. Many textbooks have a black and white or colour option. A bound textbook in colour, even through eCampusOntario’s print service will be considerably more expensive than its black and white counterpart. Decide if the colour is integral to the subject matter. For example, in Marketing, Health, Graphic Design, and other programs with many diagrams, illustrations, and graphics, a textbook in colour could be important to understanding the material.