Print on Demand

eCampusOntario has partnered with The University of Waterloo to provide high quality print copies of resources in the Open Library. The University of Waterloo’s ingrained commitment to cost-savings for students positioned them as the appropriate partner for Print on Demand. Faculty, students and other users pay only the cost to print and ship the text.

Please note the following limitations of our Print on Demand service:

  1. Orders for print on demand are non-refundable. Once placed, the order can be neither cancelled nor returned. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  2. Not all resources in eCampusOntario’s open library are suitable for printing. The University of Waterloo’s ability to print depends on the platform chosen by the author(s).
  3. Although the printing processes at The University of Waterloo are efficient, time is a factor. Within 2 business days, your order will be filled, but there is also shipping. If you need a copy as soon as possible, consider printing the lower-quality, but readily available PDF or Word version of the resource (where applicable).