Want a Print Copy?

Great news! You can use eCampusOntario’s print on demand service to print a low cost, bound textbooks through the University of Waterloo. Need it right now? You can always download the PDF and access your own printer.

Flexibility is key to open resources. Most textbooks are available in a variety of digital-friendly formats: PDF, HTML, MOBI, ePUB, etc.. If educators, learners, or libraries prefer to have a print copy, that is also an option. If printer access is an issue or you prefer a bound copy, eCampusOntario has partnered with the University of Waterloo to offer low cost, print copies of open textbooks from our collection. We are working to streamline the print process, but until then, use one of the following two options to buy a low cost, print copy.

Option 1

Know the textbook you want to print?

  • Use this link to select the textbook and follow the steps to order your print copy.

Option 2

Still exploring the textbooks from eCampusOntario’s Open Library?

  • Browse the collection and choose your text.
  • Choose “Buy a print copy” option from the formats available.

A screen shot of the textbook detail page that lists formats with an arrow pointing to the "buy a print copy" option.

NOTE: “By a print copy ” is sometimes followed by SFU.

  • By default, “Buy a print copy” directs you to SFU (Simon Fraser University), the print provider in British Columbia. When you land on its page, make sure to choose the option for learners and educators in Ontario.

A screenshot of what the learners should seek to order a print copy of a selected textbook.

  • You will land on an ordering page provided by the University of Waterloo, eCampusOntario‚Äôs print on demand provider.
  • Select your textbook and follow the steps to order your printed textbook(s) from the University of Waterloo.