Total Student Savings:
$ 5,286,973.94

Student savings represents the reduction in mandatory textbook fees from Ontario instructors using Open Educational Resources to replace one or more of their assigned resources. This figure is calculated using data reported by instructors using OER in their teaching. Savings are calculated per report by multiplying the cost of the replaced resource by the average student enrolment per section. This number is then multiplied by the number of sections offered per term/semester and the number of terms/semesters the instructor has assigned the OER. The total number represents the sum all savings reports in Ontario.

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Total Savings


Total Learners:
Total Course Sections Using OER:
Unique Educators:
Known Ontario Institutions Using OER:

Average Savings  

  • Per Educator: $48,504.35
  • Per Course Section: $6,857.35
  • Per Learner: $107.63


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