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Please fill out the following form if you have adopted an OER (open educational resource) from eCampusOntario’s Open Library. While eCampusOntario is keen to report students’ savings, we are also looking to connect successful OER adopters with educators considering the option.

Guidelines on completing the adoption report:

  • Please provide your best estimate on Cost of replaced textbook/course/resources:
    • If the OER is not replacing an existing resource, please provide an estimate based on the cost per student for a comparable resource in the market.
  • Please be as accurate as possible on the details related to your Course Information:
    • Sections per term: how many sections during each term are using the OER?
    • Number of students per section: how many students are in each section? Please provide an average if you do not have specific numbers.
    • How many semesters/terms: in total, how many semesters/terms have you been or will be assigning this OER?
    • Which semester/term: please select the specific semesters/terms you are sending in this report for.

Why are we asking this information?

Assigning a value to OER allows eCampusOntario to calculate learner savings as a result of providing access to these free resources. This information supports a value proposition for future OER creation and adoption programs at eCampusOntario and across the province.

Share an Adoption
For PER STUDENT. If exact cost is unknown, please estimate.
Is this resource part of the VLS Collection?

Course Information

Please estimate if exact number is unknown
For example, if you assigned this resource in the Fall of 2022 and Winter 2023, please enter "2".
Which semesters/terms have you assigned this OER?
May we publish your name, institution, course title and student savings data as part of our adoption reporting? (i.e. in the library, social media, or news items)


Would you be willing to speak to another educator considering adopting an OER?